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The importance of booking a venue early

Yay, you’re engaged! So exciting and so much to look forward to. You have called everyone, you have shown everyone the ring, and you have told everyone how he purposed. Celebrate and enjoy this amazing feeling while you can, because sooner than later you will start wedding planning. Wedding planning can be amazing and stressful all at once.  Not trying to sound dramatic, but planning your wedding is stressful, and why not take some tips on how you can make this process a little easier on you.

  NOW, the top questions everyone is asking you “So, when are you getting married? Where are you getting married?”  These questions can be so overwhelming and maybe something you haven’teven thought about  because you just got engaged.

 Your wedding venue…..just thinking about a wedding venue can be one of the top stressful things about wedding planning.  Start thinking early…, now.  If you’re less than a year from getting married and haven’t chosen a venue yet, I would highly recommend starting to look as soon as possible and lock in that date, stat! It’s not uncommon during wedding season to have weddings booked months, if not over a year out. You may have your top venues picked out  and you may have your date picked, but the sooner you lock in that venue the better.  If you have a certain style and location you love, you want the flexibility for options and if you don’t book early enough, your options become more limited.  If it comes to that, you may have to be flexible on your date because if you don’t book a venue early enough that may mean that you might not get the exact dates you were wanting.  Booking a venue early can save you money. Most venues will raise their prices annually and if you book a year or more in advance, you will likely get the current year rates. Booking the venue also sets the vibe for your wedding. The venue can often set the style of your wedding, which includes décor and other various items.


Your budget will not mean anything if all your top venues, your date, and location are taken, so book early! It’s your wedding and you have been dreaming about this for years. You want to be able to pick what you want, and by booking the venue early that will give you the freedom to choose what you want and not feel pressured.  Once you book that venue, it’s a huge milestone and a big check off your list. You have locked in your date and your wedding ceremony/reception. It is such an important piece in the puzzle of planning your wedding, once you have that, it is so much easier to plan everything else.

Good luck on your wedding planning adventures…..

Love, Savannah

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Why hire a professional photographer.

In today’s world it seems as though anybody can pick up a camera, point and click, and capture a worthy photo. Modern technology has even made it possible for toddlers to be photographers as evidenced by numerous photos I’ve found on my very phone of my granddaughter’s precious face!

I suppose these days it’d be easy to believe the adage that anyone can take a picture. True, anyone can point and click but when it comes to capturing once in a lifetime moments as special as your wedding day I’d highly recommend hiring a professional photographer. They will not only be able to take quality photographs but a great photographer will also give you a one-of-a-kind experience as an added bonus!

Back when I was married in 1992 I had no concept of the importance of a good photographer. On one hand I had my mother-in-law telling me how important it would be to hire a good photographer because we’d want to be able to look back years from our wedding day and remember all the details. On the other hand I had my mom convincing me that budget was more important and my budget was minimal so she could ask a friend if he’d take pictures for us. I opted for mom’s friend and man do I wish I’d have hired a professional. Sure, I’m grateful that we at least had someone there who knew how to point and click but I’d have loved to experience what I now know a professional photographer could’ve have offered us.

A true professional photographer will spend hours researching you and your likes/wants/style etc. They meet you in person many times and really get to know you so they can provide you an experience custom made just for you. “Custom made” are key words here. Everyone wants a little something different, something new and exciting. Sure, plan on doing some traditional poses that grandma will love to hang on the wall but feel free to get crazy, be yourselves and capture moments that only you can produce! Trust me, photographers appreciate creativity as much as their clients appreciate their creativity. Take for example a recent elopement Savannah and I recently designed along with KSFloral Design and photographer Kinsey Whidby Photography. One of my favorite photos is of the bride and groom riding down the highway on their motorcycle, the bride in her beautiful wedding dress and red Converse tennis shoes sneaking out the bottom of her dress. Priceless, and a one-of-a-kind photograph the happy couple can take pride in knowing that it’s totally unique and not easily duplicated.

Professional photographers know how to work the lighting, how to edit pictures so you are delivered a portfolio worthy of a Vogue editorial. My wedding pictures, not so much!

There are so many photographers vying for your business so here are a few things to consider when choosing the right photographer for you: The first thing I’d recommend is look at pictures from photographers you love and then contact them for an in person meeting. This is important for 2 reason. First, you can get a really good feel for that persons personality and then decide if they are the right fit for you. Secondly, any good photographer will also do the same. They should be able to decide from that initial meeting if they’d be a good fit for you. A professional will not have an issue telling you if they think they’re the right person for the job. During this meeting both parties should be very clear with their wants/needs. Make sure you hire someone who has a contract that is beneficial to both parties. You want to make certain all agreed upon details are well documented. A professional will have a detailed contract in place, not only for your protection but for yours.

Budget is always an issue and here is something to keep in mind when you are hiring a professional. These people are responsible for capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. On the wedding day emotions are running high. There is a lot of stress for brides, grooms, and family members. A professional photographer not only acts as the picture taker but a personal stylist, florist, personal attendant, assistant, seamstress, counselor and the list goes on.....all the while trying their best to capture every little detail and moment in an often 8-12 hour day! It’s a lot!!! I’m not sure there is enough money in the world to make me want that job, honestly, I have so much appreciation for any wedding photographer! Again, they are worth their weight in gold!

Love Amy

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If planning a wedding seems stressful to this NOW!

You are engaged!! It's such a exciting time! Now the question in your mind is "How do these brides get these amazing weddings? How does it look so beautiful and they look like they didn't break a sweat? Where do I start? How do you even begin to plan a wedding? Who are you going to invite? Where on earth is it going to be? What style of decor would look good? What colors do I want? What are you going to eat? DJ? You get to wear a wedding dress! Who is going to capture the biggest moment of your life? Should your bridesmaids all wear the same dresses? What colors will they be? Are you going to do a First Look? What is a First Look?

WOW....... are you overwhelmed just reading that?? Did you break a sweat just thinking of all that???? Well..... are you ready to sit back and enjoy your wedding? Your wedding planning should totally be stress free and a fun experience! One of the best ways to ensure that happens is to get help from a wedding planner who will plan, design, and coordinate for you!

This used to be for luxury and may even seem like it today but guess what guys… it's not anymore! it's very affordable and it totally makes sense. Every bride deserves to have a wedding planner. This is your special day and you deserve to enjoy it. Why not let someone help you plan and get all your ideas and thoughts organized and planned? A wedding planner can help you stay on budget, find the perfect vendors, stay on top of your to-do list, help put out fires, decorate and coordinate your day and clean everything up.

Amy and I offer wedding planning, decorating, and coordinating packages at The Farmhouse Barn to make sure our couples have the best wedding planning experience possible! Not to mention, we also plan and style elopements as well! Weddings are beautiful and such a special day for you. Let us help you enjoy that one day you have to feel so special. Leave it to the professionals. This is a day you will never get back. Let's make it count!


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Black Hills Badlands Magical Elopement

Some of you may know we were asked to be a part of a very cool styled shoot in the Badlands National Park earlier this month. Of course we jumped at the opportunity and what transpired that day was simply amazing and beautiful.

Kayly Shae of KS Floral Design had the vision of a boho vibe and we thought that was a perfect fit for the backdrop the Badland's provided us. Kayly is a very talented floral designer right here in the Black Hills, you can follow her on Instagram at @ksfloraldesign. Next came the attire and models provided by the ever so glam Taynger with The Glam Gringa. This beauty is also local and can be found on Instagram at @theglamgringa. The photographer that captured the pefect shots is my very own daughter, Kinsey Whidby of Kinsey Whidby Photography. Through her lens, she captured magic and beauty at the same time. She can be found on Instagram at @kinseywhidby.

Once we were given the style board we instantly knew what we were going to provide for this shoot which was the table setting. It didn't take long for us to come up with pieces out of our own personal collections (okay, collections is a fancy word we like to use here on social media but what I really mean to say is our own personal junk) to create just the right tablescape for the occasion. I didn't have to dig long for the perfect table which happens to be a table that my mother-in-law gifted me years and years ago. The table was originally her craft table and I have very fond memories of spending many hours at that table making "mop dolls" back in the day, like waaaaay back!

I am a sucker for dyed gauze and so I didn't hesitate to get the Ritz out and create the perfect terracotta colors that reminded me of the sandstone hills the Badlands are known for. Savannah quickly thought about utilizing her late grandmothers amethyst dinnerware and wow, not only gorgeous but the perfect color we were looking for! We also utilized her vintage decanter and my dad's homemade wine which was also the perfect color. Oh, that gorgeous chandelier...oh my, what a find that was for me last year at an estate sale and I paid less than $11.00 for it. All the brass candlesticks and goblets were purchased from local thrift stores and tag sales, the cow skull was lovingly brought into my yard by one of our guard dogs the day before the shoot! Can you seriously believe that? I had borrowed a much smaller one from a friend and then good ole Lucy came dragging the larger one in one night and I couldn't have been happier! It was the perfect addition to that table, especially given the elements.


The vintage "rug" is a piece of fabric I purchased years ago while on a trip to Portland, Or. I knew it would come in handy at some point in my life and I have a feeling this photo shoot won't be the last time you see it in photos of events that take place at The Farmhouse Barn. The Boho chair was given the perfect floral swag by Kayly. Here's a funny behind the scenes that about made me cry at the time: I had purchased this really cool shaggy furred, round pillow to fit in the seat of that chair. It fit perfectly and added the extra touch the chair needed. What you don't see from the photos is that where the table was sitting, just behing that area was a huge drop off. All the sudden, a gust of wind came up and blew the chair over. My niece who was assisting us that evening was able to catch the chair before it fell off the cliff but the pillow rolled down the cliff, all.the.way.down. and landed in a muddy creek below. Thank goodness she is a hiker because she hiked down that cliff for us and retrieved the now muddy, furry, not so white pillow. If the mud would have covered the entire pillow, I would have probably still used it in the chair but because only half the white pillow was covered in mud I knew people would be able to tell something was off. Now you know why there is no pillow in the chair! To finish the look, Savannah and I grabbed faux succulents and clay pots out of our own personal stash and fresh fruit and plush pillows completed the look.

Did you know that Savannah and I can create a beautiful space just for you? Yes, we can! If you are interested in hosting your special event at The Farmhouse Barn we'd love to have you! We'd be happy to help you create the space of your dreams; a space as beautiful as the styled shoot in the Badland's.



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Pickin' at the Farm

Saturday August 17th is our second annual Pickin’ at the Farm and we’re so excited to welcome you out the country for a beautiful day of pickin’, ice cream, and friends! Pickin' at the Farm was born last year and it was such a success we decided to make it an annual event! This year we have invited CREAM to join us as well! If you haven't heard of them well you are missing out! They are a new handcrafted ice cream and coffee shop in Hill City, SD. They just celebrated their 4 month anniversary yesterday and haven't slowed down one bit since they opened their doors this Spring. All of their ice cream is handmade with top shelf ingredients. It super creamy and super yummy! I hope you will come taste for yourselves what I'm talking about!


Our hope for all of you is that you will grab your friends, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, kids....(you get the picture) and take a drive to the country! The country air is good for the soul! When you get out to the farm don't be surprised to find our free range chickens pecking about, our ducks roaming around and perhaps an Icelandic sheep or two...or three making an appearance as well. Savannah and I will make sure we have loads of vintage and handmade items for you to shop and you can also purchase early bird tickets to the Fall Kountry Junkin' Vintage Market that is coming up on Saturday October 5th, 2019 at the Central States Fairgrounds in the Event Center Building in Rapid City.

The address to the sale is 21325 Harp Rd Sturgis, SD. Google maps will take you to our driveway. Just make your way to the back part of the property and you can't miss us.

Directions coming from Rapid City: Go west on I-90 and take exit 37 which is the Pleasant Valley Exit. Turn right and follow Pleasant Valley approximately 5 miles. You will pass a sheep/goat farm on the right and take a sharp right just past that farm. Go apx 1 mile after the sharp right and continue straight onto Harp Rd and follow up over the little hill. We are the 2nd place on the right. Big old barn sitting on the hill, little green and white farm house amongst the trees and a big green and white shop. We will be set up just behind the house.


We hope you will enjoy a leisurly drive out to the farm and once your here we hope you find treasures you can't live without and enjoy a scoop or two of the best ice cream the hills has to offer! We will be open from 9 am-2 pm.

See you all there!

-Amy and Savannah

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The "B" Word Doesn't Have to Be Scary! Decorating on a Budget.

Well, if you know me at all, you know I like a good deal. I love finding creative and affordable ways to get an expensive look with spending very little! I am always looking and trying to be creative by recreating these amazing expensive designs on an affordable budget!

First: I look at nature... we are surrounded by nature and in the Black Hills we can find so many things to help create a beautiful look by just looking in our backyard! For my own wedding I loved curly willow as I wanted height for my center pieces, but curly willow is expensive if you need it for 35 tables. So I bought clear 3 foot vases, filled them with small river rock we found in creek beds, filled the vases half full of water, added branches from the Hills that we went hunting for, and threw in a water proof candles!!! It was tall, beautiful and all I had to buy was the vases and the candles. It was a expensive look that I was able to creative for little money!

Ferns are another great filler in a room and can be purchased for very reasonable in stores around the area or you can go hiking in the Hills and find some! We are planning a wedding coming up next spring at The Farmhouse Barn and are using Russian olive branches for the center of the tables for floral and adding some roses for color pop!! Wood stumps, acorns, wood branches....I love thinking outside the box and looking at Mother Nature for inspiration. It's so unlimited!

Next up, get crafty: I think a lot of details in a wedding can be done with a few girls or guys at home for a night in! Love some wine and crafting! Get a DIY project done for your wedding and have some fun all at once! It can be putting together wedding invites, favors or center pieces. Ask for help! More than likely you have a group of family and friends that would love to have some snacks, wine and get their craft on!! Plus it's an amazing stress reliever!

One of my favorite things to do is shop outside the box. Not in the wedding area, not in the party area at a store, but in the home department or craft store in the decor area! Even the thrift stores or Kountry Junkin’ Vintage Market! I love shopping for wedding stuff that is outside the normal. Maybe a old suitcase for your cards to go in or an old wooden box you found in your grandpas wood shed. Maybe a three tier candle holder for your uniting candle. These little elements make your wedding so unique and make it YOUR wedding and not anyone else's!

For my own wedding, Hobby Lobby had these four foot tall candelabras for home use and we used them as our back drop for the ceremony! Lanterns, tall end tables, decorative candle was so pretty and a unique look for 2006! Imagination and creativity is endless!! Another plus for buying home goods is you can decorate your home with them after the wedding. I was able to decorate my entire home with my wedding items. Multi purposed is a win-win!

When I think of a wedding or any event that I need to decorate, I think of all the amazing possibilities and creative imagination that needs to be put into it. Simplicity goes a long way!!! Do not get overwhelmed by the huge lists and the Pinterest photos. Don't get overwhelmed you DIY brides and event planners!!! Set your budget, stay in it and take one thing at a time and ENJOY the process!!! Keep dreaming and keep pushing.

Love Savannah

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Planning a Wedding? Here's What We Wish We Knew.

Savannah’s Wedding Advice:

I was married in October 28th, 2006. Man that's coming up on 13 years!!! Back before Pinterest, I had this vision of what I wanted and trying to make that come to life was challenging and fun all at once! I had a fall wedding. I had candles lit with dim lighting for the ceremony with fall colors, flowers, leaves, and branches for decor. I got married in a church and the reception was in a large open building. I wanted it all to feel like you were somewhere magical and the reception to feel beautiful and different... but on a low budget. This started my interest in event planning and I enjoying decorating. With a lot of assistance from my mom, family and friends, my dream wedding happened within our budget! It was perfect!

Savannah Wedding Reception

Looking back it was very unique at the time! Since my own wedding, I have helped numerous couples with decorating and planning their own wedding!! I love using my creativity to help others. Wedding and event planning has helped me greatly with that! Decorating is so fun and it's even more fun being creative with a budget and making someone's day so special for them!

If I was able to go back what would I change? Honestly, a different venue! I would have had an outside ceremony and I always dreamed of an amazing barn venue. Back then the Black Hills was so extremely limited and what was available was outside of our budget, and ultimately were not the look I was dreaming of.

That’s where The Farmhouse Barn comes in. We are building this venue I have been dreaming of since 2009. There is this great need for a venue like this and I have turned my excitement for wedding planning to events also!! Now that I am a mother of four littles, my wheels are always turning! I cannot wait to bring more family events to The Farmhouse Barn for the entire family! Man people the sky is the limit and dreams do come true.  

Amy Wedding

Amy’s Wedding Advice

When I got married back in 1992 I was a young kid who grew up going to my grandparent’s ranch, watching my mom and sister barrel race and chariot race and led a pretty country lifestyle even though I lived in town. We rarely left our small town of Sheridan, WY and it wasn’t until much later that I started discovering who I really was and what I really liked, style wise.  When I got married back in 1992 we had a $1000 budget….that was wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, event rental, photographer, cake and food! PEOPLE! WE DID IT BUT IT WASN’T PRETTY!  It was pretty for a 19 year old who didn’t have a clue what she was doing or who she was or what she liked.  Let me tell you a few things I would do differently if I could go back knowing what I know today.

1.      Hire a professional photographer!  This is something we did not do.  My mom had a “friend” who took pictures for fun.  Let’s just say my wedding day documentation is lacking on many levels. I absolutely hate my photos.  If I had it to do over, I’d definitely have hired a professional and researched those who shared my style.  Things have changed a lot since 1992 and the quality of wedding photographers these days is unbelievable!  What a blessing to have such amazing memories documented in such a beautiful way!  

2.     If the budget affords, hire an event/wedding planner.  Back in my day, I never knew such a thing existed but we hired one for my daughter’s wedding 2 years ago and I would do it again, and again, and again!  I did not want to have the stress of anything to do with the setup or tear down of that day. It was well worth the money and we were all able to just relax and enjoy the moment that is truly a once in a lifetime occasion.  

3.     This really doesn’t pertain to me particularly but if you are planning your wedding remember this.  THIS IS YOUR WEDDING, not your mom’s, not your mother-in-law’s, not your best friend from high schools.  Do it your way!  Whatever way makes you and your fiancé happiest is how it should be done!  I can admit to this, because I had such a small wedding we probably went a bit overboard with our daughter.  I got to live vicariously through her.  She planned everything the way she and her fiancé wanted and we were happy to oblige.  It was fun being part of the planning and seeing it all come to life was amazing and beautiful in every way we could possibly imagine.   Having had such a small ceremony myself it was fun to have a different experience with our daughter.  

4.     Save for the honeymoon!  I wish we would have been able to go on a honeymoon! My “honeymoon” was spent in a cheesy hotel room vomiting all night long because I was pregnant with our daughter! We are classy, classy people folks. Classy and very real.  I’m not ashamed to tell you all that I was 19 and pregnant when I got married.  We’ve lasted 27 years so no shame in this game!  We did eventually get a real honeymoon thanks to my husband’s ability to win cruises through his employer at the time.  It was only a 3 day cruise but we had the time of our lives!  That was the first time I’d flown on an airplane in my life, let alone experience a cruise and all that went with traveling! Let’s just say I fell in love and knew that traveling was something we’d be doing a lot of in our lives and am happy to say we have!  

The wedding industry is a $53.4 billion dollar industry (and that statistic is from 2013) so you brides have caught on, more so than I ever dreamed!  There are endless options to choose from, endless amounts of money that can be spent but just remember to do you!  Whatever that may look like, do you!

For me, if I was getting married in today’s world for the first time, I would choose a great photographer and definitely save for a great honeymoon!  All the rest is just the icing on the wedding cake….oh, a great cake is another must!

Get to know the ladies: Amy

Last week you got to get to know Savannah better and this week it’s Amy’s turn to tell you more about herself!

First off, the things you already may know about me are some of the most important, like I’ve been married to my main squeeze for 27 years, together we have 2 of the most precious children on the face of the earth and I have a stepson who blessed us with the most beautiful granddaughter on the planet.   Most of you also know I am an open book but I did manage to come up with a few things you may not know about me so here goes! 

1. I’m a whiskey girl tried and true.  Ask my “Wine Wednesday” friends, they’ll tell you Amy doesn’t care for wine.  She’ll take a good whiskey or bourbon any day! Don’t get me wrong, I will drink Champagne and a bubbly Prosecco or Riesling if that’s all that’s available, and I will drink an occasional glass of Rose or sweeter red wine but deep down I’m pretending it’s an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Sour!  I have drank $2.00 bottles of wine and $100 dollar bottles of wine and they all taste like shit to me!


2. That brings me to the number 2 thing you may or may not know about me….I cuss a little.  Okay, a lot. I am a shame to my mother.  I was raised back in the day where you’d get a bar of soap in your mouth if you back talked or had a sassy mouth and lord knows I’m the queen of sass!  Let’s just say I ate a good amount of soap growing up!  One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to really work hard on cleaning up that sailor mouth of mine.  I thought I was doing a really great job….but apparently I don’t even realize most of what comes out of this mouth of mine because those close to me tell me it’s still as bad as always!  Proof that New Year’s Resolutions seldom work past week 2!  

3. Shockingly, I have never liked to be told what to do in any way, shape or form. If you tell me I can’t, I will prove you wrong no matter if it kills me.  I’ve been told A LOT that I can’t do this or can’t do that but I’m here to  tell you that if you set your mind to it, you CAN!!! 

4. I have a gypsy soul to the bone!  My husband laughs when he hears me say this.  He pictures a rough and tough “Gypsy” traveling the world in a wagon, camping here and there, stealing her way through life.  THAT IS NOT WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  I pretty much hate camping so unless you have me camping at a Hilton I’m not interested.  My thieving days are LONG gone (don’t gasp!  I was a kid and I know I’m not alone in this.)  I’m talking about the definition of Gypsy that says “a nomadic or free-spirited person.”    I grew up in a time that allowed for kids and teens to “roam free” and believe me, I did a lot of roaming in my time and I still love to roam.  I’m dreaming about the near future where I can live part of my year in a warm climate drinking my iced coffee on my lanai watching the waves crash to the shore.  My next big goal is that condo in Hawaii!  My gypsy soul will be at peace!


5. Lastly, many of you may not know that I used to be morbidly obese at almost 300 pounds.  I have never been ashamed to tell people about my weight loss journey and weight loss surgery.  Some people are ashamed to admit that they had surgery to help them live a better and healthier life.  I, however; am not one of those people.  I’ll tell anyone and everyone that it absolutely saved my life and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family.  One of the main reasons I chose weight loss surgery, I had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy to be exact, is that I wanted to be the best version of myself so that I could enjoy my grandchildren and later years.  I have mentored many people who’ve chosen the same path and am happy to talk to anyone who may have questions along the way. Let’s be clear about one thing. Weight loss surgery is NOT the miracle cure for obesity.  It truly is a tool to help you lose the weight and keep it off.  I struggle daily to eat the right foods and to keep the weigh off.  It is a lifelong change one has to make in order to not regain the weight and trust me, you can regain the weight after a weight loss surgery.  I look in the mirror every day and am reminded of the life I’ve lead and how hard I have been on my body.  The stretch marks and loose skin remind me daily and some days I struggle to look at myself in a positive manner but I have to then remind myself of how far I have come. When I can take my granddaughter to the pool and not care if my thighs rub together and can feel semi comfortable in a one piece suit that doesn’t include a large skirt to hide all my imperfections, I can only smile because this is exactly why I chose weight loss surgery.  Enjoying my life to the fullest and having a blast with my grandkids!  

Get to know the ladies: Savannah

We have lots of new faces around here and we thought it was time to do another introduction and let you get to know us better! First up, we’re starting with Savannah. Keep reading to find out 5 things about her that you may not know!


1. We built our first home in 2010 with our own hands! We did everything with family and friends and did all of the labor from dirt work to staining every door. We did it all. We both worked full time jobs, I was in nursing school and pregnant with our first son. For a year, every day off and evening after work, we were building this house! Our home was built with love, family and friends! I know nothing can be built without hard work and people that love you. We moved in two days before our son was born. We only had the nursery and our bed set up. Yes, we were crazy and that's honestly who we are! Never afraid of a challenge!

2. I was on a DYI TV show called" Off the Grid”. It was about a container home in the Black Hills! I was honored to partner up with some amazing and talented people to help stage the container home for the reveal of the show!! It was such a fun and very neat experience!!

3. I used to be a barista in Spearfish at a drive through Caribou through my college years. I found a love for coffee and I have been hooked ever since!! It has always been a dream of mine to have my own coffee shop... maybe someday.

4. I have ran 6 half marathons. I love to run! I am currently getting back into it since I had my fourth baby but man do I love that runners high!! Be looking for me to run another one soon.

5. I met my husband at age 15! We have been together for almost 19 years!!! High school sweethearts. We have built a fun and interesting life together. We got through college together, our first home we built, we are both business owners, and we have four boys together! Life is always busy for us, but we are always up for a challenge and wanting more for our family. We know how to work hard and I can't imagine doing it by myself. I’m so glad I have him on my side!

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Cupcakes and Construction

Hello everyone!

We were so happy to welcome you all out to the Ground Breaking Celebration of The Farmhouse Barn on Saturday! We loved getting to meet all of you, share our vision, and eat some cupcakes. Thank you to all of you who came for taking time out of your weekend to spend an afternoon with us, we truly appreciate it and are already so excited to welcome you all back for our next big celebration in October…the Grand Opening!

There are many more amazing things to come to The Farmhouse Barn (including giving away a FREE day at the barn!) but right now we are soaking in all the love we have received from the community as we head into the construction part of The Farmhouse Barn. We couldn’t be happier to have you all along on this journey of ours.

-Amy and Savannah

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Ground Breaking Celebration Directions

You can use GPS to get to The Farmhouse Barn but if you’d like to know the written directions, you have come to the right place!

Take 1-90 West towards Sturgis.

Take exit 37 which is the Pleasant Valley exit.

Turn right.

Follow Pleasant Valley for approximately 5 miles.

Continue straight onto Harp Road.

You can’t miss us, we will be on the right!

If you do want to GPS to us, please use 21325 Harp Road, Sturgis, SD 57785. We hope to see you all at our Ground Breaking Celebration!

Enter for a chance to win a FREE day at the barn!

We are so excited to announce our Ground Breaking Celebration at The Farmhouse Barn! We have been working hard behind the scenes to get the barn up as soon as possible and want to celebrate with you every step of the way. We broke ground in April and want to kick off the summer right with a party to celebrate!

We like to do things big around here, so that is why we are going to be giving away a FREE DAY at The Farmhouse Barn* in celebration of breaking ground! Everyone who attends the Ground Breaking Celebration will be entered TWICE to win a free day at the barn. This is the ONLY way to be entered twice into the drawing! We will be announcing the winner of the free day at the barn during our Grand Opening in the fall.

What does a free day at The Farmhouse Barn mean? It means you get to use The Farmhouse Barn for any event of your choosing! What you can dream up, you can host it. A bridal shower, family reunion, engagement party; you name it, you can host it!

So come on down to The Farmhouse Barn at 11 am on Saturday, June 15th and celebrate good times with family and friends. We can’t wait to see you all there!

The Farmhouse Barn Location:
21325 Harp Road, Sturgis, SD 57785

-Amy and Savannah

*The free day at The Farmhouse Barn may be used Sunday-Thursday and the winner must abide by our contract. A refundable cleaning deposit will be required.

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Chasing Dreams and Getting it Done

We are so happy that you have found your way to The Farmhouse Barn. This has been a huge secret to keep but one we think was well worth the wait! When we decided to partner up and chase our dreams of opening an event barn, we dreamed up a place where people could gather to celebrate. Celebrate love during a wedding, friends and family during events, and happiness and learning during workshops. Our hope is to bring not only a beautiful events barn to the Black Hills (although that is a bonus!) but to bring a place for all to feel welcome and enjoy time gathered with loved ones. We have huge plans for The Farmhouse Barn and we are just getting started!

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