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Get to know the ladies: Savannah


We have lots of new faces around here and we thought it was time to do another introduction and let you get to know us better! First up, we’re starting with Savannah. Keep reading to find out 5 things about her that you may not know!


1. We built our first home in 2010 with our own hands! We did everything with family and friends and did all of the labor from dirt work to staining every door. We did it all. We both worked full time jobs, I was in nursing school and pregnant with our first son. For a year, every day off and evening after work, we were building this house! Our home was built with love, family and friends! I know nothing can be built without hard work and people that love you. We moved in two days before our son was born. We only had the nursery and our bed set up. Yes, we were crazy and that's honestly who we are! Never afraid of a challenge!

2. I was on a DYI TV show called" Off the Grid”. It was about a container home in the Black Hills! I was honored to partner up with some amazing and talented people to help stage the container home for the reveal of the show!! It was such a fun and very neat experience!!

3. I used to be a barista in Spearfish at a drive through Caribou through my college years. I found a love for coffee and I have been hooked ever since!! It has always been a dream of mine to have my own coffee shop... maybe someday.

4. I have ran 6 half marathons. I love to run! I am currently getting back into it since I had my fourth baby but man do I love that runners high!! Be looking for me to run another one soon.

5. I met my husband at age 15! We have been together for almost 19 years!!! High school sweethearts. We have built a fun and interesting life together. We got through college together, our first home we built, we are both business owners, and we have four boys together! Life is always busy for us, but we are always up for a challenge and wanting more for our family. We know how to work hard and I can't imagine doing it by myself. I’m so glad I have him on my side!

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