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The "B" Word Doesn't Have to Be Scary! Decorating on a Budget.


Well, if you know me at all, you know I like a good deal. I love finding creative and affordable ways to get an expensive look with spending very little! I am always looking and trying to be creative by recreating these amazing expensive designs on an affordable budget!

First: I look at nature... we are surrounded by nature and in the Black Hills we can find so many things to help create a beautiful look by just looking in our backyard! For my own wedding I loved curly willow as I wanted height for my center pieces, but curly willow is expensive if you need it for 35 tables. So I bought clear 3 foot vases, filled them with small river rock we found in creek beds, filled the vases half full of water, added branches from the Hills that we went hunting for, and threw in a water proof candles!!! It was tall, beautiful and all I had to buy was the vases and the candles. It was a expensive look that I was able to creative for little money!

Ferns are another great filler in a room and can be purchased for very reasonable in stores around the area or you can go hiking in the Hills and find some! We are planning a wedding coming up next spring at The Farmhouse Barn and are using Russian olive branches for the center of the tables for floral and adding some roses for color pop!! Wood stumps, acorns, wood branches....I love thinking outside the box and looking at Mother Nature for inspiration. It's so unlimited!

Next up, get crafty: I think a lot of details in a wedding can be done with a few girls or guys at home for a night in! Love some wine and crafting! Get a DIY project done for your wedding and have some fun all at once! It can be putting together wedding invites, favors or center pieces. Ask for help! More than likely you have a group of family and friends that would love to have some snacks, wine and get their craft on!! Plus it's an amazing stress reliever!

One of my favorite things to do is shop outside the box. Not in the wedding area, not in the party area at a store, but in the home department or craft store in the decor area! Even the thrift stores or Kountry Junkin’ Vintage Market! I love shopping for wedding stuff that is outside the normal. Maybe a old suitcase for your cards to go in or an old wooden box you found in your grandpas wood shed. Maybe a three tier candle holder for your uniting candle. These little elements make your wedding so unique and make it YOUR wedding and not anyone else's!

For my own wedding, Hobby Lobby had these four foot tall candelabras for home use and we used them as our back drop for the ceremony! Lanterns, tall end tables, decorative candle was so pretty and a unique look for 2006! Imagination and creativity is endless!! Another plus for buying home goods is you can decorate your home with them after the wedding. I was able to decorate my entire home with my wedding items. Multi purposed is a win-win!

When I think of a wedding or any event that I need to decorate, I think of all the amazing possibilities and creative imagination that needs to be put into it. Simplicity goes a long way!!! Do not get overwhelmed by the huge lists and the Pinterest photos. Don't get overwhelmed you DIY brides and event planners!!! Set your budget, stay in it and take one thing at a time and ENJOY the process!!! Keep dreaming and keep pushing.

Love Savannah

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