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Black Hills Badlands Magical Elopement

Some of you may know we were asked to be a part of a very cool styled shoot in the Badlands National Park earlier this month. Of course we jumped at the opportunity and what transpired that day was simply amazing and beautiful.

Kayly Shae of KS Floral Design had the vision of a boho vibe and we thought that was a perfect fit for the backdrop the Badland's provided us. Kayly is a very talented floral designer right here in the Black Hills, you can follow her on Instagram at @ksfloraldesign. Next came the attire and models provided by the ever so glam Taynger with The Glam Gringa. This beauty is also local and can be found on Instagram at @theglamgringa. The photographer that captured the pefect shots is my very own daughter, Kinsey Whidby of Kinsey Whidby Photography. Through her lens, she captured magic and beauty at the same time. She can be found on Instagram at @kinseywhidby.

Once we were given the style board we instantly knew what we were going to provide for this shoot which was the table setting. It didn't take long for us to come up with pieces out of our own personal collections (okay, collections is a fancy word we like to use here on social media but what I really mean to say is our own personal junk) to create just the right tablescape for the occasion. I didn't have to dig long for the perfect table which happens to be a table that my mother-in-law gifted me years and years ago. The table was originally her craft table and I have very fond memories of spending many hours at that table making "mop dolls" back in the day, like waaaaay back!

I am a sucker for dyed gauze and so I didn't hesitate to get the Ritz out and create the perfect terracotta colors that reminded me of the sandstone hills the Badlands are known for. Savannah quickly thought about utilizing her late grandmothers amethyst dinnerware and wow, not only gorgeous but the perfect color we were looking for! We also utilized her vintage decanter and my dad's homemade wine which was also the perfect color. Oh, that gorgeous chandelier...oh my, what a find that was for me last year at an estate sale and I paid less than $11.00 for it. All the brass candlesticks and goblets were purchased from local thrift stores and tag sales, the cow skull was lovingly brought into my yard by one of our guard dogs the day before the shoot! Can you seriously believe that? I had borrowed a much smaller one from a friend and then good ole Lucy came dragging the larger one in one night and I couldn't have been happier! It was the perfect addition to that table, especially given the elements.


The vintage "rug" is a piece of fabric I purchased years ago while on a trip to Portland, Or. I knew it would come in handy at some point in my life and I have a feeling this photo shoot won't be the last time you see it in photos of events that take place at The Farmhouse Barn. The Boho chair was given the perfect floral swag by Kayly. Here's a funny behind the scenes that about made me cry at the time: I had purchased this really cool shaggy furred, round pillow to fit in the seat of that chair. It fit perfectly and added the extra touch the chair needed. What you don't see from the photos is that where the table was sitting, just behing that area was a huge drop off. All the sudden, a gust of wind came up and blew the chair over. My niece who was assisting us that evening was able to catch the chair before it fell off the cliff but the pillow rolled down the cliff, all.the.way.down. and landed in a muddy creek below. Thank goodness she is a hiker because she hiked down that cliff for us and retrieved the now muddy, furry, not so white pillow. If the mud would have covered the entire pillow, I would have probably still used it in the chair but because only half the white pillow was covered in mud I knew people would be able to tell something was off. Now you know why there is no pillow in the chair! To finish the look, Savannah and I grabbed faux succulents and clay pots out of our own personal stash and fresh fruit and plush pillows completed the look.

Did you know that Savannah and I can create a beautiful space just for you? Yes, we can! If you are interested in hosting your special event at The Farmhouse Barn we'd love to have you! We'd be happy to help you create the space of your dreams; a space as beautiful as the styled shoot in the Badland's.



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