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If planning a wedding seems stressful to this NOW!

You are engaged!! It's such a exciting time! Now the question in your mind is "How do these brides get these amazing weddings? How does it look so beautiful and they look like they didn't break a sweat? Where do I start? How do you even begin to plan a wedding? Who are you going to invite? Where on earth is it going to be? What style of decor would look good? What colors do I want? What are you going to eat? DJ? You get to wear a wedding dress! Who is going to capture the biggest moment of your life? Should your bridesmaids all wear the same dresses? What colors will they be? Are you going to do a First Look? What is a First Look?

WOW....... are you overwhelmed just reading that?? Did you break a sweat just thinking of all that???? Well..... are you ready to sit back and enjoy your wedding? Your wedding planning should totally be stress free and a fun experience! One of the best ways to ensure that happens is to get help from a wedding planner who will plan, design, and coordinate for you!

This used to be for luxury and may even seem like it today but guess what guys… it's not anymore! it's very affordable and it totally makes sense. Every bride deserves to have a wedding planner. This is your special day and you deserve to enjoy it. Why not let someone help you plan and get all your ideas and thoughts organized and planned? A wedding planner can help you stay on budget, find the perfect vendors, stay on top of your to-do list, help put out fires, decorate and coordinate your day and clean everything up.

Amy and I offer wedding planning, decorating, and coordinating packages at The Farmhouse Barn to make sure our couples have the best wedding planning experience possible! Not to mention, we also plan and style elopements as well! Weddings are beautiful and such a special day for you. Let us help you enjoy that one day you have to feel so special. Leave it to the professionals. This is a day you will never get back. Let's make it count!


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