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The importance of booking a venue early

Yay, you’re engaged! So exciting and so much to look forward to. You have called everyone, you have shown everyone the ring, and you have told everyone how he purposed. Celebrate and enjoy this amazing feeling while you can, because sooner than later you will start wedding planning. Wedding planning can be amazing and stressful all at once.  Not trying to sound dramatic, but planning your wedding is stressful, and why not take some tips on how you can make this process a little easier on you.

  NOW, the top questions everyone is asking you “So, when are you getting married? Where are you getting married?”  These questions can be so overwhelming and maybe something you haven’teven thought about  because you just got engaged.

 Your wedding venue…..just thinking about a wedding venue can be one of the top stressful things about wedding planning.  Start thinking early…, now.  If you’re less than a year from getting married and haven’t chosen a venue yet, I would highly recommend starting to look as soon as possible and lock in that date, stat! It’s not uncommon during wedding season to have weddings booked months, if not over a year out. You may have your top venues picked out  and you may have your date picked, but the sooner you lock in that venue the better.  If you have a certain style and location you love, you want the flexibility for options and if you don’t book early enough, your options become more limited.  If it comes to that, you may have to be flexible on your date because if you don’t book a venue early enough that may mean that you might not get the exact dates you were wanting.  Booking a venue early can save you money. Most venues will raise their prices annually and if you book a year or more in advance, you will likely get the current year rates. Booking the venue also sets the vibe for your wedding. The venue can often set the style of your wedding, which includes décor and other various items.


Your budget will not mean anything if all your top venues, your date, and location are taken, so book early! It’s your wedding and you have been dreaming about this for years. You want to be able to pick what you want, and by booking the venue early that will give you the freedom to choose what you want and not feel pressured.  Once you book that venue, it’s a huge milestone and a big check off your list. You have locked in your date and your wedding ceremony/reception. It is such an important piece in the puzzle of planning your wedding, once you have that, it is so much easier to plan everything else.

Good luck on your wedding planning adventures…..

Love, Savannah

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